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Architectural Systems

Door and Window Systems

In today’s market, opening systems are the primary choice for architects, engineers and installers for residential applications and special constructions.
Our opening systems provide effective thermal and sound insulation as well as superior performance against tampering, while offering flexibility in the specification due to the extensive typology and design applications.
Our systems are suitable for both internal and external installation and offer an extensive range of accessories, mechanisms covering any possible requirement.
EXALCO systems cover all potential needs of the client by providing various opening possibilities: fixed window, single and double sash window with tilt & turn mechanism, opening doors, swing doors amongst others.

Sliding Systems

Sliding systems are utilized in residential applications mainly to create large uninterrupted openings. An additional benefit of the sliding systems is that no components protrude into the living space, hence do not affect the interior functionality and layout.
The sliding systems can be provided in a number of configurations including double sash on double rail, multiple sash on multiple rail, triple sash on triple rail.
All Exalco sliding systems offer unparalleled weather tightness via the use of EPDM sealing gaskets.

Entrance Doors

This systems are ideal for constructions with highend specifications, in a variety of typologies with panels or glass panels. Due to its robust design, it is suitable for applications where daily frequent usage is required, like houses, blocks of flats and public buildings. It provides high thermal, sound and water insulation, whilst it combines classic design with new technology, and exceptional aesthetics with high construction standards.

Curtain Wall Systems

Façades form an integral component of the complex systems that are modern buildings. They directly influence energy efficiency, and thermal and visual comfort notwithstanding the impact on the generaal appearance of the building.
Aluminium and glass is the optimum combination for modern efficient facades both in terms of design flexibility and energy efficiency.
Exalco offers a variety of façade systems as either Classic, Semi-Classic or Structural and the range is complemented by our Sun Shading systems and can be combined with Composite panels (ExalcoBond) , ceremic, stone, aluminium sheeting amongst other finishes.
All Exalco facade systems incorporate EPDM gaskets.

Shading Systems

SOLAR & PERGOLA shading systems have a major impact on the energy performance of any type of construction; as well as the thermal comfort of their occupants by reducing the accumulation of solar energy and by the blinding effect.
SOLAR & PERGOLA shading systems can be supplied as either a fixed or mobile solution.

Office Partition Walls System

Albio 107 is our entry level office partitioning system providing an economical and classic solution for your office needs, while creating the necessary privacy due to high levels of acoustic separation.
It is suitable for various dimensions of glazing and paneling and it can be complemented by wooden or aluminium framed glazed doors and adjustable blinds with non-visible mechanisms.
ExalcoBond is a composite aluminum panel incorporating exterior aluminium sheets & an interior core of differing materials subject to the application.
ExalcoBond is renowned for Its durability and low weight making it the optimal solution for office buildings, bank branches & commercial spaces among others.

Folding Doors System

Albio 106 is a folding system without thermal insulation and offers great functionality for covering wide openings in cafes/restaurants and verandas.
The sashes are bi-folded quietly and easily, using a special rolling mechanism, to either end of the opening allowing for large free openings and uninterruptible views to the outside.

Railing System

The new railing system is composed of a rigid aluminum profile, with a supporting and recessing role for the glass sheets. It offers the perfect solution for better support and alignment, with fixing to the floor or parapet.
EX-200 is ideal for creating glass partitions for outdoor or indoor spaces, public or private (balconies, stairs, etc.). The system allows the use of 6 + 6, 8 + 8, 10 + 10 duplex glass with a total height of up to at 1100mm.

Industrial Profiles

Standard Profiles

Aluminium Standard profiles are used for construction and manufacturing purposes.
EXALCO provides an extensive range of standard profiles including circular cross-section tubes, angles and rampant, U, T, Z, blades, solid sections and many other standard formats.

Mold design and customized products
Our company is constantly investing in technology and human resources to cover all the needs of customers by providing excellent service and an excellent and quality product. Having created its own molds manufacturing department can offer profiles according to customer specifications. This has secured valuable partnerships both in Greece and abroad. The key sectors which use the profiles that we produce are as follows: aviation / aerospace industry, automotive industry, machine building industry, transport industry, electrical and electronic industry, heating, ventilation and air conditioning industry, furniture / decoration industry