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Albio R50

Albio 130

Albio 102

Albio 102

Albio 102 is the top Semi-Structural Glazing facade system, which creates a 12mm interval between the frames, with no bolt keepers on the transoms of the glazing panels.
Albio 102 offers optimal water-tightness and is easy and fast to assemble given that the framing assembly and glazing panel assembly are prefabricated in the production unit.
System performance

Air Permeability

Class AE – projected frame:4 (EN 12152)

Water Tightness

Class RE 1500 – projected frame: E1500 (EN 12154) – Static
188Pa/563Pa – projected frame: npd (EN 13050) – Dynamic

Resistance to Wind Load

±1.5 KN/m2 – projected frame: npd (EN 13116) – Design payload
±2.25 KN/m2 – projected frame: npd (EN 13116) – Safety payload

Impact resistance

E5/E5 – projected frame:npd (EN 14019)

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Technical Specification

Column dimension

Width 71.6mm,
Height 60.75-142mm

Transom dimension

Width 71.6mm,
Height 53-113mm

Glazing Thickness