Curtain Wall

Albio R50

Albio 130

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Albio 130

Albio 130 offers ease of installation and is applicable to any type of building. The system comprises of 50 mm face width which can accommodate a glazing thickness between 6 and 36 mm. The mullion profiles cover a wide range of moments of inertia between 60 and 1192 cm4 (1477cm4 with internal reinforcement profile included).
The system offers various options for the external decorative cap profiles to meet the architect’s aesthetic aspirations.

System Performance

Air Permeability

Class AE (EN 12152)

Water Tightness

Class RE1500 (EN 12154) – Static
188PA/563PA (EN 13050) – Dynamic

Resistance to Wind Load

±1.50 KN/M² (EN 13116) – Design payload
±2.25 KN/M² (EN 13116) – Safety payload

Thermal transmittance coefficient Uf

1.8 – 2.0 W/(m2K) (EN 10077-2:2003-10) with PE (4320)
3.1 – 3.8 W/(m2K) (EN 10077-2:2003-10) with PVC P5 (5890)

Impact resistance

E3/E4 (EN 14019)

Sound reduction index

30mm Double Glass [(5+5)+15+5], Rw = 37dB (EN 717-1:2013)

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Technical Specification

Column dimension

Width 50mm,
Height 18-200 mm

Transom dimension

Width 50mm,
Height 45-205mm

Glazing Thickness

6 – 36mm