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Premium Security Door is a new door entrance system suitable for high-end residential applications that combines aesthetics and functionality as well as providing the best thermal performance available.
The locking system provides unparalleled security due to its 3 point frame locking mechanism and 4 point locking device.
The specifier can choose from an extensive range of available finishes, as well as a combination of materials and colors to achieve the desired aesthetic effect.
The system is compatible with existing access control systems, and access can be controlled via card reader, RFID, fingerprint reader or keypad.
System Performance

Air Permeability

Class 4 (EN 12207:2000)

Water Tightness

Class 3E (EN 12208:2000)

Resistance to Wind Load

Class C4/B4 (EN 12210:2000)

Thermal transmittance coefficient Ud

0.74 W/(m²K) (EN 10077-2:2003-10)

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Technical Specification

Frame dimension

Width 121mm,
Height 73.5mm

Sash dimension

Width 115.8mm,
Height 71.6mm

Panel Thickness


Thermal- Break

22mm, 24mm (PA 6.6, 25%GF)

Waterproofing in baseboard

 Automatic Airlock and brush


Triple External Heavy Duty FAPIM


Manual or electric closing, handle

Security / Protection

Electronic eye (Outside camera & 3.2” Viewer screen inside)
Light indicator (Red) Open Door from Inside
Fingerprint access system


Automatic Door Opening Sensor in the Internal Handle