Railing System – EX-200

The new railing system is composed of a rigid aluminum profile, with the role of support and recess for glass sheets. It offers the perfect solution for better support and alignment, with fixing to the floor or parapet.
EX-200 is ideal for creating glass partitions for outdoor or indoor spaces, public or private (balconies, stairs, etc.). The system allows the use of 6 + 6, 8 + 8, 10 + 10 duplex glass with a total height of up to at 1100mm.
  • Modern design with endless visual field that offers a perfect view;
  • Mounting is done directly on the floor;
  • A quick and easy installation due to the one-piece profile;
  • The finishing of the profiles can be chosen between: anodized INOX, RAL painting in electrostatic field or imitation wood finishes.

Assembly Stages

Stage I

Position the aluminum profile on the path where it is to be installed, then draw and drill the fixing holes in the floor correlated with the places in the profile where the lamings are made. 4 fixings per meter are required at a pitch of 250mm and a maximum of 125mm from the ends.
When mounting, it must be taken into account that the profile is mounted with a smooth inside to the outside.
Before fixing with concrete anchors or screws, plan this profile with the level or with the laser station, by inserting a track next to the fixings. After gliding, tighten the screws.
For better detail, the graphic presentation is without the inner wing of the EX-145 profile.

Stage II

Position the “L” shaped wedges, code 3793 inside the profile at a distance of 50mm from the ends and at a maximum step of 350mm, with the vertical part outwards. It is important that the two ribs of the track fit properly into the two channels in the aluminum profile. Attach the rubber gasket code 6000/203 to the outside of the profile.
Carefully insert the glass panel over the “L” shaped wedges.
For better detail, the graphic presentation is without the inner wing of the EX-145 profile.

Stage III

Mount the glass so that it is in perfect contact with the L-shaped hold. Next, insert the ABS wedges code 37942, next to the “L” shaped wedges, by tapping lightly, carefully until the optimal locking position. Sticla self-fixed free.
Locking by excessively beating the feathers must not be forced. There is a risk of breaking the glass if additional voltages occur.

Stage IV

It is inserted between the glass and the profile, the inner gasket depending on the thickness of the glass, code 6000/201 in our case. Oil can be used to mount the gasket.
If there are visible free ends of the profile they are masked with the covers code 3199.

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