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Albio 256 Thea

Albio 256 Thea is one of the unique minimal lift and slide systems that provides ideal water tightness through EPDM sealing gaskets.
It has minimal look with integration of the frame into the wall at the perimeter of the system, visible profile 45,1mm and a narrow hook with visible surface just 42mm.
It presents excellent thermal-insulation properties with Uw=1,15 W/m2K with Ug= 0,6 W/m2K.
It has been studied a special water drainage system that permits an optimal operation of the system and gives the possibility to the water to drainage from the inside of the system too.
Possibility to construct all the typologies of the lift and slide systems.
One of the most important advantages of Albio 256 Thea is that it can be used in existing facilities.

System Performance

Air Permeability

Class 4 (EN 12207:2016-12)

Water Tightness

Class E750 (EN 12208:1999-11)

Resistance to Wind Load

Class C4/B4 (EN 12210:2016-03)

Sound reduction index

RW = 41dB (EN 20140-3 DIN EN ISO 717-1:2013-03)

Photo Gallery

Technical Specification

Sash dimension

Width 56mm
Height 60,3mm

Glazing Thickness

22 – 44mm

Lift & slide fitting


Scroll guide

Stainless steel

Thermal- Break

10mm, 22mm, 34mm (PA 6.6, 25%GF)