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Sliding Systems

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Albio 235

Albio 235 is a sliding system suitable for a sash weight of up to 300 kg, with a special lift and slide rail mechanism (Hebe Shiebe) and superior thermal insulation technology of 24 and 34 mm Polyamide bars and special multi-chambered PVC add-ons.
The system is designed to meet a great variety of functional and aesthetic requirements, in addition to meeting the highest construction and energy efficiency standards.

System Performance

Air Permeability

Class 4 (EN 12207:2000)

Water Tightness

Class 7A (EN 12208:2000)

Resistance to Wind Load

Class C4 (EN 12210:2000)

Thermal transmittance coefficient Uf

3.6  – 6.8 W/(m2K) (EN 10077-2:2003-10)

Media Gallery

Technical Specification

Sash dimension

Width 56mm,
Height 84.5mm

Glazing Thickness

24mm & 36mm

Lift & slide fitting


Scroll guide

Otel inoxidabil, poliamida

hermal- Break

12mm, 24mm, 34mm (PA 6.6, 25%GF)