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Opening Systems

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Albio 101

Albio 101
Albio 101 is a non-thermal break system for windows and doors which offers great variety on construction typologies.
Albio 101 range offers a choice of profiles and accessories allowing the specifier flexibility to meet the client’s aesthetic and functional requirements.
The system offers a 3-level sealing system with EPDM gaskets and a special water-draining system.
System Performance

Air Permeability

Class 4 (EN 12207:2000)

Water tightness

Class 8A (EN 12208:2000)

Resistance to Wind Load

Class C4 (EN 12210:2000)

Sound reduction index

Rw = 41dB (ELOT 307.3)

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Technical Specification

Frame dimension

Width 51.8-180mm,
Height 68.3mm

Sash dimension

Width 51.8-61.8mm,
Height 72-117mm

Glazing Thickness


European Camera, compatible with all the mechanisms